The insemination center opens its doors as of February 15th.

A team of Veterinarians, inseminators and healers work with seriousness and diligence to give you complete satisfaction and inseminate your mares in the best conditions.

We practice artificial insemination, normal but also deep, according to the type of seed, the number of glitter and the health of your mare. A close ovarian follow-up, thanks to the multicopy echographies, is done on each mare to inseminate close to the ovulation.

You can also ask us for embryo transfers. Harvests are made by us and we send the embryos found in the transfer center of your choice.

We put all our experience at your service to ensure the foaling of your mares. They are under video surveillance and also wear an alarm belt. All necessary care is provided to both the mother and her foal until they return to their breeding.

We harvest your stallions for inseminations in fresh seeds and also do the breeding for the mares that come to the Stud with the selected breeder.

Contact us for the choice of crosses, obtaining the various insemination contracts offered in France or abroad, or obtaining stallion videos, we will be happy to help you.